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Rooms & Rates

Each cabin is furnished with dishes, bed linens and floor rugs and comes with a 14-foot aluminim boat with oars. Gas grill, picnic table, and campfire pits are located outside each cabin. Bath towels and kitchen linens are not provided. Each cabin has a screened porch, hot water and a shower, unless noted.

Cabin #10

2 Bedroom


A 2 bedroom cabin with a screen porch.  Set somewhat away from the other cabins for more privacy.  Comfortable and quiet.


4 persons or less.

Price: $675 First week, $650 Sequential weeks

Cabin #11

3 Bedroom


Our largest cabin.  Three bedrooms with 4 double beds. Located in the center of the resort property. Screened porch with view of the lake. Ideal for larger families.


8 persons or less.

Price: $975 First week, $950 sequential weeks

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